This is a personal blog that I intend to update at least once a week.

But who am I?

I’m Alex. I’m a Buddhist, a father, a husband. “The Dharma Dad” is a place for me to write about the balance between these aspects of my life.

I find it quite tricky to balance a “normal” family life and work with a grounded Buddhist practice and I thought that there might be other people out there who have a similar experience. So I thought I’d share mine.

I began a Buddhist meditation practice back in 2012 when I began sitting with a group called ‘DharmaMind’ which was led by Aloka David Smith. Sadly, Aloka died in 2015 and I am no longer affiliated with this group. I have more recently begun to find a welcoming Sangha in the Triratna Buddhist Order. I have written a little bit more about why I identify as Buddhist in a blog piece.

I am not a Buddhist teacher. I do not claim to have had any big Enlightenment. I do not claim to have any specific or special wisdom. I am not a scholar and you will find plenty of other people who are far more familiar with Buddhist texts than I am.

What you will find in this blog is simply a little of what I think and do in certain edited (let’s be honest) areas of my life and how that relates to my own practice. What I will be on this blog is honest. This is an honest account and I hope it might be of use because of that.

I became a father in 2014 to my son and again in 2016 when my wife gave birth to a baby girl.

I’m a charity worker for a large amount of my time and have a long background in working in community, homelessness and housing.